Siri convey a university student after the fall of his car in Glacier

We often hear stories about the role of Apple Watch Apple Watch big in saving someone’s life, but this time it was the intelligent assistant Siri on the iPhone and he did that. Posted position KIMT News story of a young university Gael Salcedo of the state of Iowa of America, which landed his car in the river an avalanche on the road before helping him Siri in the stars.

When he fell Gael in the river and realized that he is in danger, he has no choice but to contact the emergency service, except that during the incident, lost his phone in the car and did not present in his hands, but he knew that the phone exists somewhere nearby – so use the feature “Hey Siri”.

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He said”Hey Siri, call 911″. Once the reply of Siri, he found his phone finally.

At this moment enable Siri access to emergency services, which allowed the participation of the phone’s location and his current situation with the emergency. But as soon as the arrival of the first responders, the situation was getting worse with the rising water.

Which prompted the Gael to go out to the river, where he had another option, before being taken to hospital, where he was treated for shock and returned to his home after a few hours.

This is one of the more story interesting that we have heard recently in regard to the products Apple, which played a crucial role in saving the lives of the people.

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