Siri may get the option of a new voice in the conference WWDC 2018


The Conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2018 will be held in a few weeks, and we’re sure that many are wondering what can to know about Apple in this event. Although we assume that we’ll know more about the main versions of the next iOS and MacOS and WatchOS and TvOS, but it seems that the digital assistant Siri will get some new features too, no more audio options.

As you probably know, the sound options in the digital assistant Siri is limited to some extent but according to The Apple Post on Twitter, it seems that Siri gets a new voice in the Conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2018. It has been disclosed that when he asked the source of the aforementioned digital assistant Siri for the next update to Apple, which is a question that is answered by the digital assistant by saying he’s going to get a completely new sound, which will probably be part of the iOS system 12.

Given that Google has also revealed the option of a new voice for the digital assistant Google Assistant in its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018, and Amazon company greater flexibility at the level of the audio developers, we assume that I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Apple can be saying the same thing. What’s very interesting also is that when asked to disclose more information, unveiled Siri that will get ” a new house glossy“, and this alludes to that it can also be detected from your HomePod new.

We’ve heard rumors that Apple could be planning to issue Speaker a new intelligent health it will be cheaper than your HomePod now, in recent times we have also heard that the smart speaker New this would be around the$ 199 will be the brand Beats instead of Apple. It is not clear whether this refers to Siri, but we think we’ll wait and see.



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