Siri vs Google’s Assistant: a comparison of voice assistants

In 2011, Apple introduced the voice assistant Siri. At that time it was something really new – because it was the first assistant that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, as time went on, and appeared on the market, the first competitors – Google and Amazon Assistant Alexa. Their development was very rapid, whereas Siri, for many years, has not improved. Here you may encounter the following question will be whether Apple’s voice assistant now to oppose something similar from Google and Amazon?

Siri vs Google’s Assistant

The answer to this question is from Gene Munster of the company Loup Ventures. It conducted a large-scale study in which, each voice assistant was set to 800 different issues. The questions were divided into the following categories:

  • Local requests
  • Purchase
  • Navigation
  • Information requests
  • Team

Siri has been tested on XS iPhone with iOS 12.4, Google Assistant on Pixel XL 9 Pie Android, and Amazon Alexa was running a separate app on one smartphone.

The test results

The results of this experiment were quite unexpected. The winner in this test was Google Assistant — 92.9% of correct answers.

Siri, surprisingly, managed to take second place, giving the right answer to 83.1% of the questions. Closes the top three Amazon Alexa with an index at 79.8% of correct answers.

The author of the test notes, that part of the commands Siri has no equal — voice assistant Apple’s tightly integrated into iOS, and allows you to successfully perform many of the daily operations calls, sending messages, setting an alarm, adding events to calendar and much more.

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However, in other categories, Google Assistant left no chances to their competitors. Particularly commendable navigational queries — voice assistant, Google gave the correct answer in 98% of cases.

According to Gina Masters, Siri, though slowly, but still progressing. As evidence, he cited a clear table that lists the number of correct answers in 2017 and 2018.

Anyway, the voice assistant in its current form is very far from ideal. And this is especially true of Siri. It is possible that for English-speaking users, the situation is somewhat different, but the voice assistant of Apple in the Russian version — it’s a completely useless thing.

Siri’s abilities are extremely limited and it is manifested in everything. The best that a good assistant is set the alarm and nothing more. Even a phone call sometimes the voice assistant puts Apple in a deadlock. It is worth remembering only one situation.

Once I was going to make a call via Siri. The problem arose, we can say, out of nowhere.

The fact that my Contacts were scored, two of the same name, and no names. When prompted to “Call Alex” Siri was asked to choose one of the subscribers. But to choose the desired contact by voice is not — as the voice of Siri this: “to Call Alex or Alex?”. Very strange that the system does not propose instead: “Option 1” or “Option 2”.

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As usual questions, and here is the problem — not just Siri is able to recognize the context. The speech recognition algorithm is good, but the analysis of the issues initially imprisoned under primitive and monosyllabic structure.

Apple have a lot of work before Siri becomes really useful. And it is very unlikely that this will happen in the next few years.

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