Siri will be able in the future to make points about health problems with users


Detection report of the new of the British newspaper The Guardian that the iOS system 13, The New Can Apple launch it later this month will bring with it some improvements interesting for the digital assistant Siri. Specifically, you’ll get the next version of the digital assistant Siri capabilities will also be integrated with apps like Find My Friends and App Store.

In addition, Apple unveiled at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 earlier this year that the digital assistant Siri in iOS 13 new will be more natural and useful also. So instead of hearing Siri say ” after 1000 feet tops turning towards the left“, the new version of this digital assistant will tell you ” turn left while planning to light next. “

Regardless of the iOS system 13, I have Apple some of the most ambitious plans for the digital assistant Siri. If everything goes according to plan, will Apple release a new version of this plugin digital with the iOS system 14 next year will be able to interact and compete with users on different health problems.

While plans for Apple TV full to digital assistant Siri in this regard is still not clear, however, that is not surprising given the great interest to Apple ‘ s health. And speaking of that, we have seen Apple bring many of the features of the health surveillance and fitness to the Smart Watch Apple Watch in recent years. With the Smart Watch Apple Watch Series 4 for example, but not limited to, the Apple launched the feature of electrocardiogram ECG which allows them to draw the electrocardiogram. Until now, proved this feature it is very useful, it has alerted many users to heart disease that was threatening their lives.

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