Site Athan Today your way to find out the dates of the adhaan

موقع Athan Today طريقك لمعرفة مواعيد الأذان

موقع Athan Today طريقك لمعرفة مواعيد الأذان

Think the dates for the ears is essential for the Muslims everywhere, they are the way to find out the dates of the most important of the obligatory duties in Islam “the cross”. While others remain informed of the deadlines are fixed, there are a lot of people find it difficult, in particular, with the change of the timing or advance or retreat the date of the adhaan because of the seasons of the year.

Which is what makes Muslims are looking for to stay informed accurately with dates of the adhaan locally or globally, especially with the approaching holy month of Ramadan.

This is the position of the ears day or Athan Today, where offers a service know the dates of the ears in all the Arab states, in addition to iron the ears in a large number of foreign countries where significant numbers of Muslims.

Also, the site provides a service to each Ramadan which brings the prayer times for breakfast and super and accurately separate all States on the site.

Visitors to the site determine the type of calendar they use, as they can choose their state of the several states exists or search for it in the search bar at the top. It also gives site visitors the possibility to choose a city of several cities for each country according to the region where he lives.

Representative on-site that contains a profile of each state to exist, next to the profile again for each city have been added from the duration of the course (note: the information is not 100% accurate and will work on them again). Also, visitors can hear the adhaan on the site in the schedule after selecting the place.

Interested researchers for a great location to see the dates of the ears are level to you site Athan.Today, as you can browse each Ramadan via this link Imsakia.



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