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Launched the Netflix way new free and fast for people to check the internet speeds of their own a few years ago. The label tool is simply the name of the, and does not require you to do anything other than login to this link using any browser you want. She told Netflix that the site has grown ” incredibly strong ” in the past two years, so they decided to add more functionality to the site now.

Tell Netflix to use the site has doubled over the past seven months and that the site was more than half a million test speed from all over the world. Request users access to more information about their connection item Netflix it now. Got the site now on the possibility of the response time ( latency ), the speed of lifting ( Upload ).

Rating lifting speed ( Upload ) connection speed to raise the data from the user’s device to the internet. Indicates the response time ( latency ) the time it takes to transfer data from user’s PC to the server and back. Before concluding we would like to point out that Netflix promised us that she will continue to take comments from users in the account and make sure that its tool value remains useful. He has also promised to always keep the site design clean and free of ads.



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