Site lyrics accuse Google of stealing their content

Google Company

One of the things that changed her Google over the years is how they know the information in its own search engine. In the early days, the company Google by directing users to web sites based on their search, but these days, trying to Google everything in its power to display information in the first page. In a way, it makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for at a glance.

Downside to this is directing traffic away from some sites. Recently, he accused the site of Genius the search engine search Google of stealing its content. Now, if you ever search for words to one of songs on the Google search engine, then you know that sometimes the search engine of Google displaying song lyrics in search results itself. What he did website Genius to try monitoring Google they do this is to use a series of apostrophes curved and straight in his words.

This is not done randomly, but was done using the pattern on the form of morse code. In a statement made by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal America, said Ben Gross, senior strategic in the company of Genius : ” over the past two years, we have shown buy Google irrefutable evidence repeatedly that she knew the words were copied from the Genius “.

Provided Google Inc. since then, a special statement by saying she would investigate the matter. ” We take data quality and the rights of creators seriously and we urge the partners to the license we have a responsibility to the terms of our agreement “.

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