Situation speed on Gimli will react by default to users of the package G Suite

الوضع السري على جيميل سيتفعل افتراضيًا لمستخدمي حزمة G Suite

Announced Google to feature a “secret mode” on the service Gmail will be activated by default for users of the package the G Suite, starting from 25 June – after almost 4 weeks from now.

Was Google has provided the feature of the secret mode for the email service Gmail in the middle of last year, a feature which enables users to get greater privacy protection of sensitive information so as to identify the expiry date of the letter and are deleted after the date specified agent reaches one of her.

Besides the possibility of the timing delete message automatically, the future will not be able to copy the content or redirection of any user not even downloading, it also allows water add a property extra protection to the inability of the future to open the letter except in the case of sending a code specific to using the phone.

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