Six reasons to use smart hours

Smart watch appeared relatively recently, but during that time they caused a lot of controversy. Someone says they need. Someone proves that it’s a waste of money. I like to say that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Today, try to consider the advantages of this type of device.

Samsung Galaxy Watch — smart watch for everybody

The history of smart watches

If a little dip into the history of the first smart watches were released in the early noughties. Then they tried to shove even more features than now. Only, it was useless, as neither the technology nor the customers were not ready for it.

An alternative view, or "in a dispute born truth": Why the smart watch is a waste of money

I believe that no intelligent modern smart watches no. They would rather just functional, but nothing more. However, it is believed that modern devices have appeared on a wave of someone’s ideas, but on the background of rumors about the release of Apple Watch. They said about three years, no less. At this point, many producers have decided to get ahead of cupertinos, not to repeat history with the iPhone. Companies have started to throw on the market their own, often crude solution, making it ready for the release of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch and AirPods — to a bunch of music to listen to conveniently

There is nothing wrong, but that this opinion is shared by many, including in our Telegram chat. Some of the first models have been finalized, others have sunk into oblivion, but all that remained were able to create a normal, full-fledged niche, which is now divided between a few large players.

Why is it necessary to buy smart watch

Reason 1: So you will never miss notifications, because they come literally in hand, or rather on the wrist. When you use smart watches and even a simple fitness tracker, your skin itself becomes the interface. You feel the vibration and will never miss a notification. This is one of the most significant advantages of wearable electronics.

Reason 2: If you use smart clock, you can toggle the music, adjust volume and even answer to messages without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. On the one hand, it sounds like the reasoning of the cap, but it really works. I put small experiments with the goal of understanding how much less I pull my smartphone out of your pocket, if your wristwatch. They all showed that the smartphone is indeed significantly less likely to leave the pocket.

Reason 3: there are situations when the smartphone is not immediately obtained. Well, if there is someone you can ask to call, but not always. In this case, come to the aid of the watch. Just click on the mobile signal will be sent with the order to make a sound. Sometimes hours also allow us to understand not forgotten your smartphone at home. This is true in the case that it lies in a bag or backpack. Look at the clock availability of connection easier than looking for a smartphone for all pockets.

Reason 4: With smart watches and fitness tracker, a person begins to move more. Of course, this works not always, but studies show a definite increase in activity. That’s only in the tracking of sleep is it. It is proved that attempts to control your sleep lead to insomnia. People are starting too much to think about it.

Huawei Watch GT — tracker more than a watch. But it is inexpensive.

Reason 5: Not everyone will need such a function as the ability to remotely create photos, but something is, and sometimes it is very convenient to pull the camera shutter or start recording on the GoPro. This is especially true when your smartphone or camera is installed in an awkward place, or just far away. However, for remote control you may need to install additional applications, but who stopped?

Reason 6: the Last big reason to consider the possibility of buying a smart watch children or elderly relatives. In this case, they always can be contacted, and if necessary, find their GPS coordinates. The smartphone also allows you to do it, but if he sits or gets lost, you will have an additional opportunity for communication. The downside is that not all smart watches can work offline. Most still need a connection to the smartphone.

Is it worth buying a smart watch

The examples are only guidelines. Everyone has their own needs, but for myself, I chose these reasons as key to use a smart watch. Despite the fact that I like the watch and have managed to accumulate a decent collection of mechanics, I still recently enjoyed the smart clock. Especially do not call brands, not to do advertising, but desire to return to ”normal” hours I don’t have.

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