Sketch another phone Nokia 10 hints that it will have a camera five way in the backend

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In the past we’ve had rumors and leaks reported that the phone Nokia 10 coming from a company HMD Global Oy will have five cameras in the backend. And just to be clear, the movie is yet to provide any concrete evidence that the company HDM Global Oy work on the phone Nokia 10, not to mention phone featuring camera revolutionary.

However, the evidence of intermittent implying that those rumors may be correct when they are collected to form a general picture. The latest developments come in the form of a diagram of the situation against the background of the phone Nokia 10. This image comes from a source not disclosed his name specializing in the field of mobile devices, and apparently this diagram is based on the information obtained by this source of his own, as well as patent interesting from the company ZEISS camera multiple lenses are designed for smart phones.


As shown in the paper, the technology employs a set of extra lenses with focal lengths are different, is installed on the lens of the key rotor, which resides between the camera sensor and the lens is fixed the normal. According to the schematic, this design is placed inside the camera module round on the backend, with the same fit and mosques above the main camera in the middle of the unit. It is estimated that the phone Nokia 10 will also feature a secondary camera at the top of this main camera. And still feature their complementary ( field of view wider, the effect of the background cloudy dull, or otherwise ) is not clear.

Regardless of the camera, it has hesitated in the past and also that the phone Nokia 10 will have a processor Snapdragon 845, a screen with a height of 18:9, as well as the interface of the front and rear covered with glass on a similar phone Nokia 9, which was not identified by company HMD Global Oy, too, until now.

For phone II in the diagram above, it is in line with the design of the phone Nokia 9 that we saw in the leaks that we’ve had in the past, and this is what adds more credibility to the information made by this designer who was behind the leak of this diagram around the phone Nokia 10.

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