Skills of Google .. a new educational program from Google for Arabic speakers

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مهارات من جوجل

Announced Google today officially announced the launch of the programme ” skills of Google ” to help women, youth, Arabic speakers on the possession of digital skills needed to take advantage of future job opportunities and improve their career and grow their business.

Stated Google’s official blog that “only 38% of young people in the Middle East and North Africa believe that their educational journey gives them the skills they need to enter the labour market. By 2020, it is expected that the job requires one out of every 5 jobs in the Arab world to the skills of digital is available today on a large scale. On the other hand, this area is the lowest economic engagement of women worldwide, despite the contribution of many women in the achievements of the Arab world today”.

Added the company: “bridging the growing gap between the elements of workforce skills required in the market area, in order to ensure that everyone of the opportunities provided by technology, we launched the program of “skills of Google”. This program is to help Arabic speakers, particularly women and youth, on the possession of skills necessary to take advantage of future job opportunities and improve their career and grow their business”.

The programme will provide space and tools training sessions free of charge directly to implement the digital skills of students and teachers, businesses and researchers for jobs. The organization provides available on the internet more than 100 lessons and a demo video covers a range of digital marketing skills which include marketing on search engine, social media and video, in addition to e-commerce and other topics.

Google has added: “We are proud to support non-profit organizations that provide Arab youth with the skills needed to succeed in the economy of the digital variety. Will the institution of “injaz Al Arab“, a non-profit designed to provide training and employment opportunities for Arab youth, a grant of us $ one billion to help 100 thousand high school and University, particularly women and students in rural areas and needy, on the development of digital skills by providing opportunities for practical training throughout the region. We also cooperate with the foundation caught the charity to provide training opportunities for direct digital for more than 100 thousand students in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with to ensure female participation by 50%. This will enable us to this new collaboration to provide greater employment opportunities for women and youth to employ the skills of the digital infrastructure that they learned during the training sessions. It uses individuals throughout the Arab world digital skills to achieve their goals. So, we have prepared a series of short films, capturing the March 6 Arab women become entrepreneurs and advocates of women’s rights establishments of the content of the most influential on the YouTube platform YouTube . The role of technology in helping them overcome obstacles, and controlling their own career and inspire others to follow suit them by learning digital skills”.

Concluded Google’s statement: “technology is a range of digital tools is replete with opportunities, the program aims “skills of Google” to help Arabic speakers around the world to employ these tools in the labour market. We also cooperate with governments, universities, private companies and non-profit institutions in helping more individuals to take advantage of what the Web has to offer”.

The President Google Executive Sundar pichai private message to the Arab world on the occasion of the launch of the platform, “the skills of Google”:


Made Google Video clip 6 Arab women use technology to achieve their dreams and inspire other women.

Skills of Google .. a new educational program from Google for Arabic speakers

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