Sky Scanner: the best 5 destinations to spend the holiday of Eid al-Fitr

Site launched Sky Scanner Skyscanner, search engine the world leader in the field of travel, a list of the most travel destinations popular among the residents of UAE based on the annual growth rate in operations research, in preparation for Eid al-Fitr blessed, in addition to the best price offers for those who want to seize the opportunity and book their vacation before the time runs out, where he put up a section dedicated to holiday within the applied mobile medium in Arabic and English, which can be found when you download the app and the “Explore”tab.

The Sky Scanner five destinations most popular holiday of Eid al-Fitr:


1-) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Think Sarajevo is a cosmopolitan city witch characterized by the goodness of its inhabitants and give an unparalleled sense of IS, feel the city centre is an ideal destination for tourists thanks to the edifices of its unique architecture, history, and watch breathtaking, the restaurants representative of its local, in a unique section of the town’s ancient streets paved with stone cobbler, mosques, and popular small.

Represent the sebilj fountain and the market mark the of the old the most prominent symbols of the city, and the hills Sarajevo’s surrounding to see unique areas of Sarajevo during the day, while at night the scenery breathtaking lights twinkling from the houses.

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As development in the garden of Farley busines that embraces the source of the river Bosna, while the vivid Bascarsija the old, they all designed in Ottoman style and its simple make him the perfect choice to reflect the features of the life and the people in the city.

Advised tasting dish see the popular author of a piece of bread flat with minced meat, and take direct flights from Dubai to Sarajevo is 5 hours and 48 minutes, with starting prices of 3060 AED (during the Eid), and you can booking through Sky Scanner to get fantastic discounts on hotel rates.

2-) Sofia, Bulgaria

Frozen Sofia architectural designs of a witch inspired by the models of European communism and the landscape picturesque, it has also become considered a privileged destination for lovers of skiing on snow.

Although it is a cosmopolitan city, but it is still very warm natural calm, which embraces a wide range of museums, galleries, and fine art and restaurants, as well as parks and trails development the stunning actress on the vast expanses down to the Vitosha Mountain majestic.

The kitchen Bulgarian cuisine is unique and comes on top delicious pastries, including candy cat, an appetite, which resembles a pie pan cupcake flavored sweet or salty.

Welcomes city visitors in the airport its possible acquisition by clear of cafes, vibrant, affordable, and Sofia visitors choose the culture of the Bulgarian real and spend the tourist experience authentic.

And take direct flights from Dubai to Sofia is 5 hours and 10 minutes, with starting prices from 2006 to AED (during the Eid), and you can booking through Sky Scanner to get fantastic discounts on hotel rates.

3-) Kiev, Ukraine

Think of the Ukrainian capital Kiev of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe and a long history where it was the capital of the first state of the Ukrainian Kievan Rus, and after the Soviet rule to solidify its position as Germany’s most famous cosmopolitan city in Ukrainian today, where the implementation of a range of restaurants inspired by different cuisines of the world.

It also was the center of the Orange Revolution in 2004, replete with awe-inspiring tourist attractions that promote the subtleties of Ukrainian history such as the monastery of the caves, the Museum of Chernobyl, which commemorates the catastrophe of the nuclear reactor, the Ukrainian, The Cathedral of St. Sophia, which dates back to the eleventh century.

It is advisable to drink bottled water exclusively in Kiev, but I don’t mind the name, enjoy the people, whether ice cream or a drink stop of local famous.

And nowhere is the city atmosphere of the popular private is reflected in the off normal cars and bargain a taxi ride, instead of waiting for the taxi, which is considered rare in the city, and in the winter the atmosphere is dark and long, but they use their shape in summer as the capital of the prosperous European and, of course, green and lively.

And take direct flights from Dubai to Kiev is 5 hours and 43 minutes, prices start from 2555 AED (during the Eid), and you can booking through Sky Scanner to get fantastic discounts on hotel rates.

4-) Cairo, Egypt

Use the Cairo visitors by the beginning of the atmosphere is noisy and crowded, but soon they rely on the noise of traffic and street vendors to begin the real journey in the eyes of the capital a time-honored, that hide in traffic directly by a large group of ancient mosques and Coptic churches, castles and homes of Arab.

Can trade in its streets with colourful or sailing on board a phlox traditional along the Nile River, and welcomes the Four Seasons Hotel those who seek a luxurious experience and options for distinctive foods, drinks and music.

As those of you who prefer the ambiance people, they can shop the Egyptian artifacts and bargain to get the best prices in the market shisha, and hoped that the pulse of life in the city.

And, of course, can not be completed trip to Cairo without a visit to the famous pyramids of Giza west of the city, also left for the city a special charm with the opportunity to enjoy Egyptian cuisine and Middle Eastern and Western Asian hopes the spectacle of the sunset above the norm.

And take direct flights from Dubai to Cairo is 3 hours and 40 minutes, prices start from 2886 AED (during the Eid), and you can booking through Sky Scanner to get fantastic discounts on hotel rates.

5-) Yerevan, Armenia

Form Yerevan, capital of Armenia, is a perfect destination for lovers of Culture, despite being a small city, but it abounds with art galleries, museums, theaters, and buildings inspired by Take the architecture of the old Soviet, as well as the atmosphere of spontaneity cozy cafes and popular cultural, making it an ideal destination to experience a unique tourist.

And resources the capital of the Armenian special character evokes the charm of the Mediterranean, where the population enjoys the local lifestyle and quiet and spend some good times in cafes, parks, and stroll along the streets in their fancy cars.

It also embraces the city’s many cultural experiences, from art galleries, theatres and live music performances, and the city’s perfect start to explore the other cities of the Armenian, and advised during her visit to recognize on der car on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sculptures partly within a nearby mountain.

And take direct flights from Dubai to Yerevan is 3 hours and 10 minutes, prices start from 3631 AED (during the Eid), and you can booking through Sky Scanner to get discounts rewarding on hotel rates.


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