Skype has a big gap will not be solved unless re-programmed the entire

Found a security vulnerability in the process of updating the program Skype, allow hackers to control the computers infected and give them “administrative privileges Administrator” on every corner of the operating system that was exploited. He said Microsoft -owner of Skype – it will be unable to address gaps immediately, back of the intensive work. It has been found security researcher Stefan was that can exploit the installed Update Skype written linking dynamic DLL, the so-called hacker cheat application what to write malicious code rather than the library proper; can inventor download malicious software to a DLL in a temporary file prevents the access permission, and then renamed as the library of DLL exist, can be obtained from the normal user such as the library UXTheme.dll. Start the malware at work when the application looks for the DLL file name, where will be written the DLL source first. Once you install Skype, check software software updates between now and then, when the installer works continue in other executive to perform the update, which is the source file of Holes. He says he was the possibility of exploiting vulnerabilities is not limited to Windows systems, but can be exploited on Mac and Linux. And he says that as soon as the inventor on the system privileges, it can do anything, whether it’s stealing data or erase the files or run program ransom. Was told it was Microsoft about the vulnerability last September, and she replied the company to address the imbalance will require a big update for the program and fix the error will be within the new version and not a security update. Source: Zdnet

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