Slack acquires HipChat and to rival Microsoft

سلاك تستحوذ على HipChat وتسعى لمنافسة مايكروسوفت

The company announced the slack for the signing of a partnership with their counterparts Atlassian under which the company first acquired my services Messaging HipChat and Stride, which will be closed during the coming period to integrate the users with a messaging service of the authority.

According to what she said Atlassian, the acquisition came to serve my Messaging, so the rest of the services will remain as they are under their administration, but at the same time talked about the future plans of cooperation between the two companies on similar projects.

And slack to the closure of the two services, which acquired them to increase the user base it has in an attempt to raise the competition with Microsoft Services Teams which is the number of its subscribers across the services in Office 365, some 135 million users without talking about the users of the free service.

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