Slack acquires the e-mail service Astro

سلاك تستحوذ على خدمة البريد الالكتروني Astro - slack

It seems that the company Slack seeking to develop email service of its own, where the company acquired on the service, email the Astro and then closed directly, which is what explains the possibility of the development of this service within many of the cleaning services business in Slack.

And is Astro from the services of the email that contains the assistant intelligent classification of incoming mail and determine its priorities through the introduction of the letters by importance, which means that it would be suitable for users of slack, especially given that Astro focus in its work on the customer business owners and ordinary users.

Will be the final closure to serve email on 10 October – after about two weeks from now, so that the customers do what is needed.

Was slack had acquired on my service messaging Stride and HipChat about two months ago from Atlassian, has also related the integration of its operations within its services.

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