Slack set reset passwords to its users after four years on you know its a breakthrough.


Confirmed to us by Slack in the month of March of the year 2015 that the hackers managed to gain unauthorized access to a database that was used to store personal information of users. I’ve prevented the arrival of these pirates to this information once you discovered it and conducted a range of changes to prevent something like this again. Furthermore, the company has Slack then also add the login feature on the two-phase ( 2FA ) to add an extra layer of security to their accounts. Now, four years later, the company decided to Slack reset passwords for thousands of users.

Send company Slack now emails to users who have created their accounts on the service Slack prior to the month of March of the year 2015, and they didn’t change their passwords since then, and she’s telling them it has reset their passwords. The company says that about 1 percent of the database users are concerned with this change, can be translated to about 65 thousand users.

The company decided to Slack reset passwords for these users after I found out that the group of email addresses and passwords of your users has been compromised. The police were able to link this information with the hack, which happened in the year 2015 after the investigation.

Advises company Slack user once again activating the control option on the two-phase ( 2FA ) on their accounts so that they may have some additional protection against unauthorized access attempts to their account. The Slack has already reset the passwords for all users affected by this.


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