Slack started to test Night mode ” Dark Mode ” in its application on the iOS platform


Feature Night mode ” Dark Mode “is a feature began to make their way into more applications these days, and if you chat a lot on your smart phone, especially late at night, the night mode will be able to provide more comfort to work because it says to get rid of the colors bright white that we normally see in applications.

The good news for users of Slack is that it seems that the company started to test Night mode ” Dark Mode ” in its application on the iOS platform. Note that this only applies to the demo version of the application of the Slack, which means that if you are not using the demo app, you will not see this feature in your device currently. However, testers who use the application Slack demo they’ll be able to find a new option to activate Night Mode in the settings.

As explained by the website 9to5Mac, it’s night in the applied Slack uses a gray color instead of plain black color. However, we believe that it is still dark enough to where it should be convenient for use in environments of low lighting, but if you prefer a black color, you’re out of luck. However, this trial version only, which means that there is a chance to change some things before the launch of the final version of this feature for all users of the application of Slack.

There is currently no information about the date Exit feature Night mode ” Dark Mode ” of the pilot phase, but given that the testing process has now begun, we hope that this will be a reference to that should launch this feature soon.


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