Slow growth with Facebook users globally and the decline in Europe, America, Canada,

نمو بطيء بمستخدمي فيسبوك عالميًا وتراجع في أوروبا وأمريكا وكندا

Among the expected gas expected, Facebook announced its financial results for the second quarter in 2018, where she witnessed a slow growth in users, days globally and a slight increase in profits, while it was the opposite in Europe next to America and Canada for users, which represent the best markets for the company.

The company said in its financial statement that the number of users and months in the year was 2.27 billion and increased 10% from the same period last year, while there was an increase of about 9% in the number of users daily who reached out to 1.49 million.

On the other hand, represented the company announcements the larger side to bring the profits the proportion of ads phones of 92% and an increase of 88% from the last quarter of the previous year same period.

Speaking of the company’s earnings, rose 33% compared to the same period last year revenues of 13.73 billion, and profits reached 1.76$ per market share.

While Facebook is trying to show stability results of the global, however, they were facing a big problem in the best markets, as the decline in the number of users by about a million users in Europe to 278 of 279 million, and possibly return it due to problems with compliance with the laws of the European Union the last. But it continued in America, Canada, even without the laws of the European Union, where the number of users two days of the retreat from 185 to 184 million active users.

It is considered the European market and the American and Canadian better for the company in terms of earnings announcements, this gives a signal that, despite the high number of young users globally, but rise does not represent an impact on ad revenue as was the case with the Western markets.

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