Smart clothing may be the next product that Apple intends to add to its list of

Apple Company

The interest of Apple in the health care sector is no secret. The Apple has in recent years acquired a number of startups specialized in the creation of health products, and let’s not forget about the Smart Watch Apple Watch, which has worked constantly to acquire more of the features of Health notes that recent rumors hinted that the hours Apple Watch, the future will continue non-surgical method to control glucose levels in the blood.

Thus, not surprising really knowing that it was the discovery of patented new recently stating that Apple is also interested in other type of technology disposable wearable computing devices, and smart clothing. And the patent this fabric can be suspected on an invisible wire, which means you can wear these clothes without hijacking the attention of those around you.

Can use these wires to connect the call passes that can be used then to monitor your health, such as the amount of sweat produced during exercise, body temperature, heart rate, etc. The concept of smart clothing is not new, the company Google also explore this concept with the draft Project Jcquard, but there is no guarantee that Apple will be launching a similar project.

However, across the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook recently about how his belief that he will one day reconsider Apple will be recognized for their contributions to the field of health, during an interview with Jim Cramer of CNBC so that he stated by saying : ” I think, that if you carefully consider the future, to look back, and wonder what is the biggest contribution of Apple to humanity? The answer will be is health. “

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