Smart phones emit harmful levels of radiation.. iPhone, including

Maybe be smart phones is vital for us and an integral part of our everyday life where we rely on our smartphones for everything from making phone calls and even play, web browsing, and other things that we love but as they say there is another side to everything. Here the danger is the radiation.

هواتف ذكية ينبعث منها مستويات ضارة من الإشعاع.. الآي-فون من ضمنها

What are the radiation the phone

You may not know a lot about this, but smart phones emit radiation known as radio waves through which to send and receive the signal from towers the of the cell, and smart phone levels of radiation to specific radio-frequency waves and those women supposed to be equal to the legal limit allowed in order to protect the users. Lanes following shows where the radiation of the phones compared to all the radiation.

But according to a report published by the Chicago Tribune, there are some smartphones that showed radiation levels greater than the legal limit permitted, and smart phones that emit radiation over a safe level and months these phones iPhone 7, phones Galaxy S8 Samsung.

The level of radiation of 1.6 watts per kilogram of tissue is the safe limit adopted by the FCC FCC for smartphones but the amount of radiation released from the device iPhone 7 was twice the allowable levels of radiation by the Galaxy S8 reached 8.22 watts per kg from a distance of 2 millimeter.

You may be wondering what those numbers mean, they mean that the user devices of Apple or Samsung who uses his device near him both in his shirt or even in the pocket of his pants or of course during a communication you will receive radiation more than the limit that harmful radiation may not cause any damage to the near-term but no negative health effects on the user’s body long term.

Is my smart phone called harmful radiation

إشعاعات ضارة

Some might say I don’t use iPhone or Samsung phones, but the test was on a number of smartphones which showed all of them, without exception, radiation levels exceed the safe allowable by the FCC..

And even if your phone is not in the group that have been tested don’t think you’re safe from the radiation level that exposed because all the smartphone manufacturers will have no problems and do not care about the radiation released from phones thanks to a loophole in the law.

When you set the safe limit that radiation in the Nineties, most people carry their mobile phones near the middle strap of any that there is an area of approximately 25 mm between the phone and the skin of the user and from there can any company run from no charge to about exceeded the safe limit of radiation.

The health effects of radiation the wireless

إشعاعات ضارة

First you must realize that there is radiation non-ionizing such as that emitted from smart phone radiation ionized such as gamma and X-rays which may cause cancer, unlike the radiation of the phone which do not lead to the occurrence of ionization or even radioactive contamination inside the body but the long-term when exposure levels high can cause heating of the tissue causing a nuisance in the eyes, teeth and testicles as well as changes in the activity of the brain and influence sleep patterns.

How to protect yourself

إشعاعات ضارة

Because the field intensity of radiation decreases dramatically and fast as you move away from the source, the person who are exposed to levels of radiation when the phone is at a distance of about 15 cm will be less than that puts the phone near his head or on his chest, also people near the user of the smartphone does not fear them because they are very few rays emitted from the phone.

According to Apple open the output in order to reduce exposure to radio frequency, use the built-in loudspeaker or headphones and other accessories similar to reduce the process of approaching the device from your head.

Comment Apple, Samsung and FCC

In response to the report of the journalist has both Apple and Samsung and the American telecommunications FCC to comment.

◉ Apple said that the tests had been incorrectly and that its devices certified by the FCC and sold in all countries of the world which checked all the state organs did not recognize any of them.

◉ Samsung followed the same thing and she said that its devices certified to meet the of the largest the industry and their company doesn’t do any thing weird and different, but respect and regulations in each state.

◉ Communications, the FCC said it does not track the tests performed individually on the devices are limited in one place but that doesn’t mean they will ignore the report, but they will conduct tests on some phones reporting to their accuracy.

◉ Press responded to the above that she conducted tests in the testing center certified by the FCC and they they test and increase the number of devices and the iPhone 7 (Not in the initial score), but they continued to find the results indicate that the assembly of non-conforming standards.

Clarification from iPhone Islam

Before the terrified let’s leave report and the responses of companies aside let’s talk we continue to is important on radiation phones:

◉ All of the phones radiation all the time; but this radiation increases clearly while using the phone as calls where the removes the device from the power transmission network.

◉ God created the human body capable of carrying a certain proportion of the X-ray does not get any harm from them. Any meaning that there is radiation that you will encounter. Risk only occurs if the amount of radiation from the women that God created our body is able to endure.

◉ Dangerous examinations and mountains here on the levels of radiation from a distance of 2 mm and 5 mm which distance to use the phone normally in place whether in your hand or pocket.

◉ If you put the phone on a sleepless next to you, of course, you get radiation from them but it’s very small and in the limit that controls your body.

◉ If you visit the site GSMArena in the bottom of any page for phone you’ll find in the section MISC what is known as the SAR is the proportion of the body’s absorption of radiation; and the evaluation tests of American and European as well as radiation as or head.

A picture of the results of the absorption of an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Image results phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

◉ IPhone devices always show up in more phones and radiant, but be in limit; this is a picture of another report released the beginning of the year and updated before 3 months and you will see the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

◉ Bottom line is don’t panic here, but at the same time if you use the phone heavily in communications was to use the headset and use the phone remotely like put it on the table or bag (of course not your pocket). But in general other than that no fear almost.

What do you think about the radiation of cell phones? You will try to banish your phone as much as possible while using it? Share us what you think in the comments



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