Smart phones without a charger in the box. are you for or against the idea of it?

During a recent wide-ranging debate about the rumors. And that some companies will offer a strange move to remove the power adapter or the head shipper of a box purchase.

هواتف ذكية بدون شاحن في العلبة - هل أنت مؤيد أم معارض للفكرة؟

Evo 12 without a charger in the box

The leaks first appeared, and labor from several sources source of great confidence and have a long tradition in the registry and correct transactions.

This analysis based on information coming from supply chains stating that Apple is about to do the revolution across the to remove the power adapter or charger from the carton purchase simply just the cable Lightning also remove the wired headset.

هواتف ذكية بدون شاحن في العلبة - هل أنت مؤيد أم معارض للفكرة؟

Motivated Apple to take this step multiple we customized in the following points:

  • The assumption that the consumer already has the extra charger or more present at home and all you need to connect the top of the charger cable Lightning and connect it to a power source for the company.
  • Reduce the cost of production.
  • Increase profit margin.
  • Reduce the initial price of the device or the exploitation of the price difference in the development of other parts of the phone.
  • Preserve the environment and reduce waste.

Samsung on Apple’s footsteps

It’s only been a few days so had quite a media leak to the effect that Samsung is planning to remove the power adapter “charger head” of a box company in its smart phones.

This plan will start to be activated starting from 2021 the boat with all Samsung phones the new, and the reasons and motives are behind the line of the Apple above: who needs Chargers they already exist everywhere?!

Phones without a charger .. a new reality is near!

During the next period may also hear about other companies will follow the example of Apple and Samsung to remove the top of the charger from the box purchase, this will be a new reality within one year.

Who don’t have the extra charger in the House will have to buy another one new and extra cost. Also maybe have the consumer already chargers extra, but its old and slow and is the process of forcing him to buy chargers other faster.

Other companies may use the leadership of competitive companies to remove the charger from the box purchase to develop and add chargers high speed and efficiency and add them with the phone which gives it a competitive advantage to attract consumers.

Now from your perspective as a consumer, are you a supporter of the idea to remove the charger from the box purchase or do you have objections it?

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