Smart watch Bakeey X6 – make calls and a camera with a great offer

With more deals site banggood, and each researcher about an hour can make calls through them, our show today, offers you one of the best watches in this area, you can get them with a great offer, a hours Bakeey X6.

الساعة الذكية Bakeey X6 - إجراء مكالمات وكاميرا بعرض رائع

Smart watch Bakeey X6 – make calls and camera show.

With the offerings of renewable and adults of the site banggoodand one of the most famous museums and best in terms of providing products with high quality, guarantee and make assured when shopping, more than this, it currently provides the service of payment on delivery, and that residents in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, where they can defer payment to Jane’s arrival and receipt of goods.

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Today Show: smart watch Bakeey X6 to make calls and export

You must be between the period and watching people have their smart watches they can have conversations directly through them, without the need for the phone, of course, that goes for the phone, or you can make it your second phone in appropriate situations such as work or circumstances are different, here comes the role of H Bakeey X6.

Come hours Bakeey X6, to provide users wishing to conduct talks audio only through them, without having to take out the phone, they have a separate bar, the mounting bar connection through them, as well as the advantages of many other professional, such as the presence of a hidden camera, you can use for emergencies without the violation of privacy.

What ads of the advantages of just the most important provided by the coast, where they depend on the technology features and functions of many summarized in the following:

  • TFT screen size of 1.54 inches resolution of 240*240 pixels.
  • Processor MTK6261.
  • RAM capacity of 128 MB.
  • Storage capacity of 128 MB.
  • Battery capacity 300 – 450 mA.
  • Built-in MicroSD slot
  • Support Sim card.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Camera to record images and video.
الساعة الذكية Bakeey X6 - إجراء مكالمات وكاميرا بعرض رائع

Smart watch Bakeey X6 – make calls and camera show.

What you can do with an hour Bakeey X6, in addition to the advantages of the former, it is receiving notifications from different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, without opening your phone, of course it would be linked with a telephone system, where they don’t support the iPhone currently.

How to get the hours Bakeey X6 smartphone?

It’s simple, all you need is access to the buy page hours Bakeey X6 smart, and asked her through the ways to purchase a well-known, but using coupons: 18X6, you can get a reduction of 18%. This offer is available for a limited time, until 30 April next.

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