Smart watch Galaxy Watch coming from Samsung has been running WearOS

Samsung Gear s3

Revealed several reports lately that Samsung is working on a new smart watch. So that some reports claimed that the company would abandon the brand ” Gear ” will be used instead of the brand Galaxy Watch. They may also be the first smart Watch of Samsung since many years running WearOS of Google Inc. and formerly known as Android Wear.

Didn’t Samsung create a new smart watch running WearOS of Google Inc. since the year 2014 when it releases the smart watch Samsung Gear Live. Smart watches, which the South Korean company issued after it came with the system TizenOS.

Says new report released from China that the company Samsung is developing a smart watch supported by a system of WearOS instead of system TizenOS. However, it is still unclear whether Samsung will keep this product separate from the series of its products supported by TizenOS or whether you are going to shift entirely to a system WearOS in the hour of their smartphone.

Is not also raised the possibility that the company Samsung launched hours clever two later this year. One may include a system TizenOS, while the will version other system WearOS. He said Samsung should invest a lot of money, time and effort in the system TizenOS over the past few years, so it is not logical at the moment to give up the company for its own operating system.

You can expect more things in the coming months. Don’t expect Samsung to launch her watch new smart until the month of August next, to say the least.


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