Smart watch Ticwatch Pro went on sale

The company Mobvoi released quite original smart watch Ticwatch Pro, which can boast of having two displays and a maximum battery life up to 30 days.

The developers have set in Ticwatch Pro two displays: OLED and FTSN LCD screen on top of it. The first one is used during working hours in Smart mode. Then turn on operating system Wear OS.

Monochrome FTSN display is often used in electronic watches. It is activated with mode Essential Mode. In this case, Wear OS shuts down and the screen displays time, steps taken, heart rate, battery.

Ticwatch Pro is also equipped with a module Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. The watch case is protected by standard IP68. The battery life in Smart mode is the usual few days, but in the Essential Mode the clock can operate up to 30 days.

The Cost Ticwatch Pro – $250. Buy smart watch on Amazon, but before August 15, it can only do the Amazon Prime members.

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