Smarter every day: Android P learns to predict the activation of various functions

The new version of Android P have received a lot of improvements. For example, the creators of the system declined from notification voracious programs and added weather forecast to the lock screen. Now, users found a new feature. The phone will automatically predict the inclusion of the desired functionality.

Users found the description of the new features in the package “” and talking about it on the XDA forum. In the case of the release of the Android P will utilize machine learning to improve the operation of the smartphone. It is reported by Phone Arena.

The system will be able to remember change certain settings depending on the time, date, location and other conditions. When the time comes, the smartphone will prompt you to activate the desired function. One example is the inclusion of Bluetooth to play music during a trip by car.

The same applies to activate silent mode and out of it. Will be useful for regular workshops, which take place at the same time. If the user agree with the system offer, in the future it will change the settings yourself.

While the feature is not activated, but the chances of remedying the situation are great. To discuss the potential of Android P in official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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