“Smarterware”.. intelligent system to monitor the food in the refrigerator

A while back, I was keeping the food does not require more than utensils, air-tight, it is saved in the refrigerator, but there wasn’t a way to taste the food before his corruption and him, and some of the foods were doomed to oblivion for a long time before it was discovered serendipitously.

Today, with the progress of technology in which we live, you can watch easily your food while keeping it in the refrigerator and used on your smart phone alerts the authority remaining for each type, as well as mouthwatering recipes can be prepared from ingredients that are filled by the refrigerator.

The system of “Starter” Smarterware on a small circular, it is called a tag Tag, it is installed on all varieties of food, identify the name of the food, by switching the sound to the intelligent Personal Assistant “the same way” Alexa related, to begin the countdown to the validity of this food.

At any time you will you can find out varieties of different food inside the refrigerators, and the validity of each of them, through a smartphone app Annex system “smarter” the company “or” Ovie, which helps to save more than 40% per annum of the cost of our food, which was doomed to corruption and rot.

Boat campaign financing “Starter” to collect the target amount of which, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, and is planned to reach the product to his supporters by February of next year, which consists of 3 pots, 3 cups save smart, the transmitter and receiver and a smartphone app for the system, compared to only 75 USD (1,400 pounds).

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