Smartphone for half the price, or what’s the catch Samsung Upgrade

This summer Samsung launched the Samsung Upgrade program, inviting the participants to the flagship smartphones for half the price every year. Sounds great, right? Indeed, given that modern devices of the top segment, now worth a hundred thousand, is a big savings on updates. But, logically, to believe in the disinterested generosity of Samsung could not all. So we started to ask, but what’s the catch Samsung Upgrade and if things are really as they say the Koreans? Let’s deal.

To get the smartphone at half the price really, but your it will not

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And so, smartphone for half the price. Is it real? If to speak directly, then Yes, really, but the kicker in this whole story really is. Not that it was a hoax, but the device that you get with Samsung Upgrade, you belong on the property right will not. In fact, you take it in the lease, and then after one year it will need to be returned to the manufacturer. And in the course of this year, which you have given. camera, you are going to put out some sort of installment plan, paying approximately 1400-1500 rubles per month — in fact for the use. And when the year was over, either renew or return.

Smartphone leasing

Samsung Upgrade is leasing in its purest form. But there is nothing wrong, if you understand how it works

For those who don’t know, what is leasing: leasing is same as renting, but only with the right of redemption. However, the goal of leasing is to avoid depreciation. Therefore, in leasing, as a rule, take things with a limited resource. For example, cars that after a few years of use it is impossible to sell for the same price, or, in this case smartphones. But the land that do not wear out in the lease are not transferred.

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Since the smartphone does not belong to you, this gives you a number of restrictions. In case of violation you will have to pay a fine. Its size will depend on the offense. For example, if you miss a payment, the amount will be one, but if you bring a broken smartphone is another. Here are the main limitations of the program Upgrade Samsung:

  • The smartphone may not be sold or transferred to someone else;
  • Smartphone need to return back Samsung;
  • The phone must be in excellent condition.

If you decide not to return the phone, and to keep it, please pay the full cost for it. That is, you propose to pay off the balance on the conventional loan and obtain the device property. In the end you will pay for it exactly or about the same as it cost in retail.

Samsung allowed to add electronic passport in their smartphones

With regards to the condition of the leased smartphone. There really is a very tricky thing: if you return the unit to the manufacturer to get a new one instead, its really need to be returned in excellent condition. That is, it should not have any damage, and its body should not have major scuffs or scratches. Of course, in case you ever accidentally dropped or hit, provided insurance.

Insurance for Samsung

Under Samsung Upgrade the user is given the opportunity to apply for a replacement display. And the advantage of participation in the program before purchasing a smartphone in the usual retail. Have no idea how much such insurance separately, but to replace the display Galaxy S20 you obviously will cost thousands to 20, and now this opportunity is actually free.

Whether to participate in the Samsung Upgrade

Participation in Samsung Upgrade may be beneficial, though not all

Is it profitable to participate in Samsung Upgrade? The answer to this question is not very universal, so read reviews of the Samsung Upgrade also to the mind. Most people see the is “the Flagship for half the price” and agree to the proposed terms, do not read the provisions of the Treaty, and it is in vain. In General, to summarize:

If you used to change smartphones every year – that’s really every year – and just don’t know what to do with last year’s model when buying new, you Samsung Upgrade is for you. The way senior executives who do not status to go with the machine last year, not to mention to bother with reselling old devices on the secondary market.

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But if you take the smartphone for at least two years, for you Samsung Upgrade will not be so profitable. The fact that in this case you will have to pay the full cost of the device, without the possibility to get a discount. And it’s pretty disturbing, because today, after less than six months from the date of release Galaxy S20, it is possible to acquire nearly 40% cheaper than the original price. That is so just come and buy a Samsung flagship in a gray retail will be much cheaper than to bother with leasing.

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