Smartphone for TikTok and the revelations of Bill gates: the end of the week

This week we had an interesting event. Was submitted to smartphone social network TikTok. We presented it with difficulty, but now it is. In addition to this, bill gates explained why Windows Mobile lost Android. But that’s not all. Don’t forget about Huawei, Samsung and many more.

Smartphone for TikTok… What’s happening?

The contents

Samsung is closing the center for the production of processors

The South Korean tech giant Samsung closes research center for the development of the modified cores is located in the state of Texas. Engaged in the center, as you might guess, the improve line of processors Exynos. A result of the change of the company policy in respect of microchips, behind 290 employees. But the company is also aiming to change its policy in relation to the production of mobile chips and processors.

What will happen with Samsung processors?

In fact, almost nothing really new from this closure will not occur. Existing processor cores, and the Exynos processors is likely to be used in future products of the company are of the middle price segment. According to the latest report, the layoffs will happen on December 31 and workers will not be transferred to other company facilities. As for about 3,000 staff, who is currently housed at the production facility of Samsung Austin, a company spokesman Michelle Glaze is said that these people will retain their jobs.

Not expected no effect on the production of semiconductors in Samsung Austin. We treat all employees with respect. All employees of Texas received an associated set of payments and advance notice. These measures are very tough. Us always difficult to provide such solutions. Very sorry that we are leaving skilled workers, but it is necessary to strengthen the position of the company.

Mrs. Glaze is also said that the decision was made in order to better compete with Qualcomm. Now the latest produces excellent terms of performance power the processor. And, according to representatives of Samsung, upcoming mobile processors are the Koreans working on the Exynos chip will be slightly slower. And production of the modified cores is not the solution. It is quite possible that the upcoming Exynos 9830 will continue to lag behind the Snapdragon 865 in various tests, so Samsung has a new plan. We will monitor developments so follow us on Telegram, so that nothing is missed.

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Now , Samsung intends to use a core developed by ARM, without making additional modifications. Also in the near future, Samsung plans to make a graphic accelerator, created jointly with AMD. But the chipsets that have already been announced, such as the Exynos 990, will likely continue to use already ready modified kernel. By the way, Samsung is not the first company that has taken such a decision. Huawei has been practicing the same approach with their Kirin and Kirin 990 990 5G, using the ARM Cortex-A76.

The last few processors from Samsung have been pretty powerful,- says the analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy Patrick Moorhead. But the data processors were very inefficient, consuming a colossal amount of energy. The fact that Samsung is going to do now, is quite a logical move.

In addition, the guide not so long ago, Samsung has invested about $ 17 billion at its office in Austin. Most likely, this money will be used to improve the system energy consumption, the integration of ARM cores in future processors, as well as to develop the already mentioned graphics chip together with AMD. Insiders suggest that the first commercial models of equipment with an updated iron can enter the market in 2021.

Bill gates explained why Android won Windows Mobile

History does not tolerate subjunctive mood, because to change the past does not. Despite this, there are those who likes to speculate about what would have happened if they would have done in one way or another. Mainly because I think the dreamers, who failed to find their calling, and they start to dig in yourself. However, even those who have all turned out more than fine, too, sometimes get a reflection. A living example is bill gates, who suddenly got the idea that Microsoft might beat Android in the market of mobile operating systems, if not one “but”.

Bill gates believes that Windows Mobile could become the most popular mobile OS

According to gates, Windows Mobile could become the main mobile platform, not allowing such a rapid development of Android, if not an antitrust case, which was initiated by the U.S. justice Department against Microsoft in the late 90-ies. The reason for this was preinstall Internet Explorer in Windows. The outcome of the proceedings, which lasted several years, Microsoft was found guilty in the creation of a monopoly and ordered it split into two companies. Subsequently, the court’s decision was reversed, but these twists and turns it has prevented its development.

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“No doubt the anti-trust case with Microsoft played a cruel joke, becoming a distraction. If it does not, we could more thoroughly focus on creating an operating system for smartphones, and Android is all you would use Windows Mobile. If not an antitrust case… we were so close, but I was banal not to it. I screwed up due to the fact that I was distracted,” said gates.

According to him, Microsoft had a plan of conquest of the market. The company planned to start pre-loading Windows Mobile on Motorola smartphones. However, says gates, they were late for three months. Not very clear about what was said by the owner, remembering about the plans of cooperation with Motorola. Perhaps he was referring to the Motorola Droid, the first smartphone brand running Android, which was released in 2009. By the time proprietary operating system Google already had a certain popularity, but about world domination speech then did not go yet.

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Could Microsoft to retain the market of mobile devices, it make due efforts to the development of Windows Mobile, it is hard to say. The chances of success it definitely was and I must say, not bad. The fact that Windows Mobile was then one of the most popular platforms for smartphones, along with Symbian. However, both Microsoft and Nokia, which owned the Symbian chose a different path of development different from the one that picked the Apple and Google, and therefore quickly lost before the share ceasing to be popular.

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However, now the user Microsoft considers Android the best choice for a smartphone. That is why this year the company released the Sufrace Duo smartphone with two screens-based operating system from Google. In the words of Panos Panay, head of Microsoft Devices, Microsoft has long tried to recapture at least a small share in the smartphone market, however, all its attempts to develop its own platform was unsuccessful. And if so decided in the company, what sense to spend money on maintaining a dead project Windows Mobile if you can access the finished solution.

WhatsApp new update will bring important function

The makers of one of the most popular messengers of today, WhatsApp seems to be thoroughly decided to take up the improvement of your project. Literally yesterday it became known that the app may soon get a dark theme, we even reported the relevant material. And now appeared information about the fact that WhatsApp will allow users to define who can add them in groups, flexibly adjusting the list of trusted contacts. And this is actually a very cool feature!

In fact, the answer is obvious: surely each of us faced a situation when unknown to you, the subscriber adds you and a bunch of people in conversation and offers to pass the link on any “left” site, like or asks you to purchase “a very important thing for extremely attractive price”. In fact — this is a common spam, and a new opportunity aimed at combating these pesky emails. But here but such incidents deprived our news channel in the Telegram. There you can find only the information you need, and no spam. Promise!

To use WhatsApp will be even nicer

But back to the topic: the developers of WhatsApp have slightly changed the privacy settings, adding them. A new option allows users to exclude certain contacts from the list of trusted or at all to forbid someone to invite you into the conversation without your knowledge. The press service WhatsApp said that the update will affect all users in the latest version of the app after a fresh update.

If we talk about the new features, now the option of privacy settings allows you to choose 3 of the messenger compared to the previous version. In the first case, you of the correspondence will be able to invite all users of the platform, while in the second you can close all the access to your account and to correspond only in person. The third option is called “None but”. As you know, so you can decide who can invite you to group chats and who is not.

If you have the latest version of messenger WhatsApp, then you can find the new option by going to “Settings” — “Account” — “Privacy” — the “Group”. Regardless of which option you option you choose, people will still be able to send you invitations to join the group. The validity of the invitation automatically expires in three days, if you do not accept. You will also receive a notification.

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These changes come just a week after adding the function lock messenger with fingerprint, which may indicate that the developers are really focused on improving security and privacy when working with messendzhera. A number of insiders also believe that this is not the last update for WhatsApp of this kind this year.

Smartphone for TikTok

The super popular app and social network in one TikTok quickly gained popularity all over the world, making a worthy competition to such giants as Facebook and Instagram. However, only by improving your application developers ByteDance clearly not stopped. As it became known, in development for a very long time was the “smartphone for TikTok”. And he even went on sale

Smartphone to use TikTok. What’s next?

A number of insiders argued that the development of the unit began immediately after ByteDance acquired another popular application of and have integrated its functionality into TikTok. It happened a little over a year ago. Since then began to circulate rumors that the company has been developing its own device that will work TikTok. Although why is it necessary, if the normal version of the program has not been canceled, we have not explained.

However, it was assumed that the new device may be a budget phone and the first phone from ByteDance will be released in China. To do this, the creators of the TikTok has joined forces with Chinese manufacturers Smartisan, the patents of which were acquired at the beginning of this year. And now, just yesterday, “without a Declaration of war”, that is completely out of the blue for everyone, the release of the smartphone for TikTok. The release of the most interesting gadgets we regularly inform you on our page in Yandex.Zen. So subscribeto be aware of.

Smartphone, as you might guess, is available in three colors

The initial cost of a smartphone is 2899 yuan (equivalent to about 412 USD). And what’s funny, the smartphone comes not with TikTok and preloaded program Douyin, its Chinese version. But that’s not surprising. Due to strict censorship, many developers are forced to create a special regional version for China.

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As for the smartphone, then appearance, he borrowed from the Chinese smartphone Jianguo Pro 3 (although this name hardly about something will tell). But other features will give you an idea about the smartphone: the gadget has a processor Snapdragon 855 Plus, the battery capacity of 4000 mAh, rear camera with 4 lenses already. The main comes with a 48-megapixel sensor, the accessory is a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and two other “eye” is an 8 — megapixel telephotometric and a 5-megapixel camera for macro photography. Installed on Board the smartphone is also the order of 4 gigabytes of RAM and fingerprint sensor hidden under the glass.

ByeDance said, will there be a release of the international version of TikTok-smartphone, but hints that it will be there. In addition, there is evidence that newly released gadget is not the only device that was developed in the walls ByeDance.

The front panel is very strongly reminiscent of some models of Samsung with their Infinity screen-U

This gadget still raises a number of questions. Yes, focus on the good performance of the camera is great. But than released TikTok smartphone different from any other, except for the presence of preinstalled versions of the program, which is free? Because the device doesn’t offer anything unique either in terms of the use of the platform TikTok or even some internal bonuses like at least unique masks or filters. So the question “Why?” remains unanswered.

The CEO of Huawei is not going through due to US sanctions

Despite the fact that the United States is very actively working on the issue of partial lifting of sanctions with Huawei to bring her right to cooperate with American companies, a Chinese company, apparently, is not committed to it. According to Rena Janthea, founder and CEO of Huawei, it is not too worried about it, remove the US sanctions or not. Even if this does not happen, stressed businessman, Huawei can perfectly live in isolation from the American market and technologies, developing local enterprises.

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“You know, we will live well without US. Huawei is not a party to the conflict in Sino-American confrontation, because we have no business relationship with the United States. We have never had any problems with the United States. Therefore, the negotiations on the restoration of cooperation between the countries of us, frankly, a little concerned. We do not expect that the US will remove Huawei from the list of threats to national security. They can continue to keep us under sanctions indefinitely, because we and so will be well,” said Jenifa.

The entrepreneur did not directly say that Huawei will abandon Google’s services if she will return the licence to use them, but saying that the company is not interested in restoring relations with the United States, shows exactly that. How prudent was Jenifa when he said it, is unknown. Perhaps this is just another outburst of emotion, sometimes from the top managers of Huawei, then they often change their statements and to explain that their words misinterpreted and in fact they meant another.

Huawei no matter whether will remove US sanctions. The company will live, and so

But, as we can tell, things have Huawei gradually begin to improve. Flagship smartphones continue to be in high demand, providing the company’s record sales, and the services are developing so actively that and look to be able to compete with the services the search giant. That only is the AppGallery, which since the summer has extended its range several times and now offers to download many popular among Russian users of the application. And if so, it turns out that a little more, and Huawei will be able to start to deliver to Russia their new smartphones without Google Play, without fear that they will not buy.

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If the US government really will allow American companies to cooperate with Huawei, Facebook, Telegram and others almost certainly will want to place in your AppGallery application. In the absence of the ban on cooperation with the Chinese manufacturer, nothing will prevent them to do so, because in this case we are talking about potential expansion or at least maintaining the current audience, which they have accumulated a lot over time, while Huawei was not under sanctions. Now the main thing that Huawei decided to give back and refused to what was going with such efforts.

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