Smartphone manufacturers abandoned Russian applications

The initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation obliging the smartphone manufacturers that markets its products on the territory of Russia, set on them BY domestic developers will lead to higher prices and negatively affect market development. This statement was made by the company, member of RATEK (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Philips and others) in a public letter sent to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS Russia) Igor Artemyev.

According to representatives of the manufacturers, the desire of the Russian authorities in import substitution will have on the market solely negative consequences. The adoption of legal provisions that require the vendors to preinstall the Russian, would deprive them of the opportunity to choose only the best applications. This in turn will reduce the quality of their products and will worsen conditions for competition development, which is extremely important in a market economy.

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“The concept of unreasonable offers introduction of the control measures of high-tech and highly competitive market of mobile apps, which will adversely affect his development will not create conditions for development of competition in the market of applications for custom hardware, but, on the contrary, slow down its development,” — said in a letter to member companies RATEK the head of the FAS Russia.

The FAS emphasized said that the initiative aims to give an alternative to users who often do not even know what foreign are Russian counterparts. The actions the Department is opposed to the producers who abuse their powers and often deprive users of choice, if not forbid them to delete pre-installed applications. So did Samsung, which forbade to delete Facebook app from firmware branded smartphones.

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