Smartphone Note 10 Honor will remind us of the “liquid” terminator. And about the Rolls Royce

Earlier this month we wrote about the smartphone Honor Note 10, which should get a huge display with a diagonal 6.9 inch.

At the same time was published his images. However, a day later appeared “live” pictures of the device looked quite different. Here they are:

Given that the accuracy of any of the sources to verify it was not possible, it was impossible to understand how it will look smartphone.

Today in a Network there were new photos. You can see it in the news early. As you can see, there are impending new looks the same as in the second picture. However, there is one important detail — the logo of Rolls Royce. I think this version will be named Honor Note 10 is the Rolls Royce Design by analogy with the models of Porsche Design at Huawei.

How it will differ is unclear. One would assume that the regular version Honor Note 10 would look like the very first image from last week, and the Rolls Royce Design as the last. But too large a difference between them. I think the right still latest versions. By the way, the color is very original, reminiscent of T-1000.

As for specifications, the smartphone is credited with a curved Super AMOLED display production whether Samsung, or BOE, Kirin SoC 970 and meganatural at 6000 mAh.

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