Smartphone sales decline in China

According to figures decreased shipments of smartphones in China with a cargo of 91 million devices during this period, a number not seen in the Chinese market since the fourth quarter of 2013.

During the first three months of 2018, has seen smartphone shipments in China, its biggest decline ever, which raises fears of a slowdown in global sales, where I found new figures from market research firm Canalys that shipments fell by 21 percent year on year during the first quarter of the year.

According to figures it has been shipped 91 million devices during this period, a number not seen in the Chinese market since the fourth quarter of 2013, reported Canalys that 8 out of the 10 largest vendors of smart phones in China were affected by reduced demand, which highlights that the issue on the industry level is not limited to one company.

The company Huawei, including its brand Honor, are the only major company that has maintained its progress and strengthened its market share with the recorded rise in Shipments during this period increased by 2 percent, to achieve the first position in the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the country, with the Enable of shipping 21 million devices, or approximately 24 percent of all devices during this quarter.

Whereas all of the oppo for Oppo and vivo Vivo in the second and third places, where experienced all of them decline by 10 percent, and was able to oppo shipped 18 million devices, while enabling the vivo of shipping 15 million devices, although the news was better for Shawty Xiaomi, which saw an increase in the number of shipments increased by 37 percent to reach 12 million devices, but it ranked fourth overall.

These companies accounted for nearly three quarters of smartphone sales in China during the quarter, while the company has experienced non-Chinese such as Samsung and Apple’s losses, with Shawty overtake Apple in this market and get fourth place, said the analyst have canales Mo Jia: “it is certain that the new smartphones will bring people to upgrade, but the sellers are more eager to avoid oversupply”.

The analyst added: “may see the market of smart phones in China in a short period of stagnation, with the re-concentration of vendors on R & D, and their dependence on New use cases to excite the update operations instead of spending heavily on marketing”.

This news comes a few days after revealed a similar search conducted by the company GfK on the global decline in demand for new smart phones, where sales fell by 2 percent to 347 million phones were sold in the first quarter of 2018, including annual decline by 6 percent in China.


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