Smartphone sales dropped in China during the year 2017 for the first time ever

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The institution Canalys specialized in market research unveiled today its most recent report on the status of China’s smart phone market by 2017. Based on this report, it appears that smartphone sales in China dropped for the first time ever on an annual basis, it has decreased the sales of smartphones in China increased by 4% compared with the year 2016, knowing that he was shipped to 459 million smartphone in China in the year 2017.

Total Sales for smartphones in 2017 dropped due to market performance in the fourth quarter where the drop of shipments rose by 14 percent compared with the last quarter of the year 2016. However, still the company Huawei is the largest vendor of smartphones in China after it succeeded in shipped 90 million smartphone, followed by the company, Oppo and Vivo, and Apple and Xiaomi, respectively. In the fourth quarter of 2017, enables the company Huawei from selling 24 million units, while enabling the company Oppo from selling the 19 million units, and a Vivo from the sale of 17 million units.

Analysts in the enterprise Canalys that the fourth quarter of 2017, it was better to buy Huawei in China, and this thanks to the series of smart phones Nova and Honor which succeeded in raising its market share at the expense of other Chinese companies like Meizu and Gionee. In fact, the series phones Honor to represent half of the shipments of Huawei, and the differentiation between the two brands is a concern.

Put the Meizu and Gionee team in China during the current year, and this is most likely due to interest in both the Lenovo and ZTE from New in the Chinese market, and this means increased competition.



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