Smartphone sales reach lowest level in China since 2013

مبيعات الهواتف الذكية تصل لأدنى مستوى لها في الصين منذ عام 2013

The past year has seen a significant decrease on the shipments of handsets globally and the largest share in this decrease of the share of China being the first market for phones on a global level, according to the last official report issued by the bodies of the data the competent authorities in China showed a decline in sales of phones increased by 20% from last year to the lowest level of sales over the last six years.

Where was the total phones sold 14.5 million devices a difference of 6.2 million units for the lowest level was recorded in 2013 a total of 20.7 million, attributed to slowing sales of the annual celebrations of the Chinese in the month of February with not to ignore the global downturn that followed the rights of the smartphones as economic relations Chinese American Mediterranean, which played a big role here.

The imposition of taxes of both countries on imported goods led to a marked decline in this aspect, where was the message Tim Cook to investors of their inability to sell the iPhone in China alone expected one of the products of the economic war between China and the United States slowing the phone market as a whole; as well as in preparation for the company’s plan for the post-iPhone pour its weight on the side of services that has proven effective in modifying the palm of its revenue financial company.

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