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Frameless displays are becoming more frameless! It sounds like a slogan, but if you look at their development, then it is. The next step in this evolution is the cutout in the screen, without which it is difficult to implement all the functions of a smartphone. Now BQ has such a screen.

The model, which will be discussed today, called the BQ Universe. Among other nice features, like the presence of NFC, separately allocated unusual for that brand display design, who first got cut.

The main feature

Thanks to the cut and managed to make a display with an aspect ratio of 19:9. Resolution of 1528 by 720 pixels, diagonal — 6 inches. Judging by the fact that with the brightness and angles of the smartphone there are no problems over it worked well.

Optimization of software and the Android 8.0 installed out of the box, from the point of view of the flow interface of the cutout, the screen does not cause any issues. It looks very detailed and high quality.

At the bottom of the screen bezel is still there, and at the top, the manufacturer was able to raise the speaker high enough that the cutout is only needed for the placement of the front camera. If not her, then without a notch could be dispensed with altogether.


Externally, the smartphone looks very unusual. On the one hand, its back wall shimmers under the light, like polished metal, but in fact it is plastic, though made very high quality. Because of this, there is a slight discrepancy in weight and appearance. Looks the smartphone as metal or glass, and the hand is very easy. Here it becomes clear what material are made the rear wall.

The housing is sealed and the battery is a 3000 mAh battery already installed in it. Tray slot for SIM-cards and memory cards is on the left, microUSB on the bottom, the headphone Jack is at the top and buttons on the right. In this case, the Power button has a very nice texture and makes it immediately clear if the finger enters her.


Powered smartphone running OCTA-core processor Qualcomm 8940. Four energy-efficient cores operate at a frequency of 1.1 GHz, and four productive — at a frequency of 1.4 GHz. CPU is more than enough for daily comfortable work with a smartphone. During testing there were no slowdowns or freezes of interface, browser or messenger.

With demanding games there will be problems, but for those who prefer the game like “three in a row” or I do not use games, performance, BQ Universe is enough.

Memory type 3 GB, and built-in 32 GB but can be expanded with microSD cards with a capacity up to 128 GB. Tray slot for memory card combo. Will have to choose between second SIM and memory card.


Both camera single smartphone, despite the fact that the back looks like double. The second eye is actually a flash. The solution looks very harmonious.

Resolution main module is 13 MP, but in a regular camera app there is a special mode that allows you to programmatically increase the granularity and raise the resolution up to 64 Megapixels.

Fans of manual mode will not be disappointed, as the settings a lot, but in automatic mode the camera shoots very well. During the test failed to detect apparent displacement of the white balance in any one direction, as is often the case in smartphones in this price segment.

The camera can shoot video in FullHD, but optical or electronic stabilizer it is not equipped.

The front camera has a resolution of 16 megapixels, which allows it to take a really good selfie. It is worth noting that the camera works well in backlight. Sources not so much translucent, and the overall it is quite harmonious.

In addition to standard photo and video, front camera can also do panoramas and improve the appearance by three parameters (the size of the eyes, skin, face shape).

Other features

Among the other features of the smartphone include NFC module, which will not only allow normal operation, but also to use contactless payment, refusing to wear the usual plastic cards.

Identification is performed by means of fingerprint scanning, password or facial scan, which is also in the BQ Universe.

The results

As you can see, the results of the test showed that the smartphone could become a worthy option for every day, if not to demand from it performance in tough games. But this is true for all low-cost smartphones.

Private pride BQ Universe is good the screen is and how beaten a neck in the screen, and the fact that it has NFC, which will allow to assign to him a part of wireless functions, in particular releasing the pocket from unnecessary Bank cards.

If you do not require from a smartphone larger than described in this review, the BQ Universe can be a good option for you.

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