Smartphones folding you need more than just a tea flex to impress consumers

Samsung Galaxy Foldable 3

According to new research conducted by the foundation Display Supply Chain Consultant specialized in market research, it seems that it will be shipped 3.1 million units of smart phones folding in the next year. This will be just the beginning, this report is believed to be in the year 2022 that number will rise to 63 million units generating a revenue of $ 8.9 billion USD. This is a big jump from zero telephone in 2018.

But it is logical to adopt a more hardware manufacturers of technology and provision of smart phones to better and less expensive in time. This all depends on the competition and maturity of the technology, these are the major factors that help in reducing the price of smart phones.

Scheduled to launch Samsung’s first flexible smartphone in early 2019, and aim for Huawei to overcome in the market, but research says that it’s not just in pixels flex. The Flex alone is not sufficient to pay the user on the other side of the fence and spending approximately $ 2,000, while the most expensive smartphone today costs $ 1500. So, the additional features and added value is essential to success.

The report also says that manufacturers have the technology for a while, but the cost of production and the final price would make it hard to sell smart phones collapsible. So if the manufacturers are willing to take the next step in the design of smart phones, you should have discovered how to reduce the cost of production or invent some unique features that come with the devices.


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