Smartphones wouldn’t be surprised

Like any geek, I’m interested in technology, smartphones. Back in 2012 I was able to admire the new animations in Android. Today it all disappeared. Do not exclude that in the fault of that age, but something tells me that in General the market has changed significantly over the years.

In 2012, for me and for all the Android devices with touch screen and powerful processor still seemed to be something completely new for the market. People even in 2012, still has not moved away from Nokia on Symbian. It was the most memorable time when geeks gathered in groups VC and discussed the next novelty, arguing for hours about what they like or don’t like about Android.

I still remember the HTC HD2, which many dreamed, as he had to install a lot of firmwares and it does not cost so much (around 8-10 thousand rubles in used condition).

The first major step, in my opinion, Huawei did with the release of the first Honor. Then the device was dual-core and was sold at a price of 14990 rubles. I want to note that at that time it was the only option at that price to consumers, because the two cores is equipped with only the flagships, which cost 30 thousand rubles.

In the 2011-2012 year, the market was unexplored and utterly fresh. The blossoming of Android, in my opinion, peaked in 2013. In this year appeared the most unusual, well-designed and fun to use devices. Smartphones from different manufacturers were not similar to each other, consumers had a real choice.

What now?

Gradually, the community disintegrated. People are not so interesting gadgets, and the sense to discuss that a million times already discussed previously? If in 2012 the discussion right up-to-date, today is clearly not. Android was boring, it was uninteresting and boring. Pall and smartphones. Frame become thinner, some devices sometimes surprising design. For example, I was very surprised the first smartphones with a cutout in the display, then the Oppo Find X. However, the surprise is short, and the next day slim frame seem to be the norm.

The market lacks of Steve jobs, which would have created a product that can surprise. But even if Samsung will release the foldable smartphone will be able to surprise? I doubt very much, because even now the idea with a folding device and a flexible display does not seem something amazing.

Currently, the market is full of similar Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung. Every year we see the same thing, and have no desire to buy a new device in order to admire. Poco F1 on a powerful processor with flagship specs can be bought for 20 thousand rubles. So what’s next? Let’s say you buy it, but it is similar to dozens of other smartphones, and will not bring any joy. It’s a smartphone without a face, without any chips. Buying a smartphone just for the sake of powerful hardware in 2018 will not do. Unfortunately, now the phone only the need to maintain social activity. We can’t imagine life without a smartphone, they we went through so much that nothing surprises.

What’s next? Hard to say, maybe the market will be a new type of device, however you can only watch the slow development of technology in the world. Observe market got bored.

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