Snap Inc adorn the curtain officially glasses Spectacles 3 new, and two cameras HD

Spectacles 3

The company Snap Inc today launched the third generation of her glasses Spectacles. This time, it has not been upgraded a lot in these glasses, except that it is provided with two cameras able to capture holographic images.

Containing glasses Spectacles 3 on my camera HD on both sides, which can capture both photos and Videos three-dimensional. You can then transfer it to your phone and view them in applications by tilting your phone to perceive depth. Or you can use the 3D Viewer to turn a similar helmet Google Cardboard and watch the photos and videos captured with three dimensions.

The glasses can take photos accurately 1642 x 1642 and videos accurately 1216 x 1216. As before, you can check these photos and videos within the application Snapchat either vertically or horizontally will be the product as no matter which way you hold the phone.

Enjoy glasses Spectacles 3 New, new design lens with a circular motion in a square frame it comes in black and gold. It should also be noted that the framework of these sunglasses is made of metal.

Spectacles 3 jkh

Are stored all the photos and videos of the glasses on the built-in internal memory which has a capacity of 4 GB, which is enough to save 100 video or 1200 photos. Allows you battery record up to 70 video clip or more than 200 pictures before you need to recharge with the knowledge that the process of re-charging the battery takes 75 minutes. Shipped glasses inside the enclosure, which contains the connector for charging of USB Type-C.

The basic aim of these new glasses is take pictures and videos and transfer them to your phone to share on Snapchat. There are also new effects, three-dimensional to take advantage of photos and videos of the holographic that comes from the glasses Spectacles 3 to Snapchat. However, you must transfer the Files Manually via Bluetooth or WiFi because there is still no automatic transfer.

Cost glasses Spectacles 3 new about $ 380, which is a little over twice the price of the glasses Spectacles 2 current. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the glasses Spectacles 3 new is now available for pre-order will be shipped to customers this fall.

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