Snapchat allows her camera on the desktop to give a different touch to the live broadcast

سناب شات تتيح كاميرتها على سطح المكتب لإضفاء لمسة مختلفة على البث المباشر

What is the value of Snapchat without the camera features? Maybe nothing, without camera there is no application of the foundation, so that all advantages of imaging filters and stickers mainly rely on the presence of the camera which through the years we have seen only on smartphones, but Snape decided to change that by bringing her camera desktop.

The company has announced to provide full control over windows and Mac, so users who enjoy the advantages provided by the camera of filters and lenses during the live broadcast of their devices, where they will use those advantages to apps YouTube and Twitter and Skype and zoom, which offers broadcast services or video chats, it will also provide its users games like Fortnite.

Can take advantage of the advantages of the camera snap to install the app on the desktop and then select it as the default camera application on the device as an application of a third party, knowing that the camera app Snap on the desktop does not require a log in to the account of Snape, so that there is no option to login to the account of the foundation.

The move comes from Snape in order to increase the number of users, especially since the numbers do not look promising speaking of smartphone apps, especially with the version of Facebook to their advantages to all apps, and maybe find a later feature that allows users to log in through a desktop and enjoy more benefits of Snapchat different.

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