Snapchat and Amazon make it easy for users to buy new things


A lot of Come things new and interesting every day, chances are that we will most likely find some of these things on the Amazon store, which is one of the biggest online stores in the world. To enable you to purchase these products easily, Amazon enter into partnership with Snapchat.

This has resulted in adding a new feature to the camera in the application of Snapchat that will allow users to buy items easily from Amazon store. All that users should do when they find something they want to buy it is just referred to using the camera interface in the app Snapchat. This also works with the barcode of the product.


Will then a card from Amazon this product or a similar product. Will these cards pop up a display page of the product in full either in the application of the Amazon or in the official website of the company on the browser. After that you will be asked a few extra steps to buy the product.

It is still not clear whether the company Snap Inc you will get part of the profits resulting from sales made through this feature. The company itself didn’t say anything about it. Unfortunately, this feature is available only for users in the United States of America, it may take some time before it is released widely.



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