Snapchat announces update Lens Studio with the provision of new models with augmented reality

سناب شات تعلن عن تحديث Lens Studio مع توفير نماذج جديدة بتقنية الواقع المعزز

Think feature lenses from Snapchat of the most notable advantages that was launched without a doubt, they are the feature that provided a lot of thought and changes in the form of a story. And, of course, the company has updated the water constantly especially the launch of the posters, three-dimensional or even Bitmoji, and finally Snappables that allow interaction directly with the movement of the user.

Andbecome allow Snapchat is currently applied to survey different things to get results such as searching for products through the photographed and the application will analyze the user then to follow Amazon, or scan the puzzle and find the answers, or even scan anything and then can access the lens to fit the image or the video is fast when the pressure is prolonged.

But with the launch of the package of augmented reality to developers and the full development of technical application, Snapchat announced a new update will provide new models for developers to take advantage of augmented reality technology in the development of new lenses with the possibility of utilizing them in real-time during filming and create a different world of pleasure.

The company says that during the past year provided the combined company approximately 400,000 new lens to use, and take advantage of those lenses more than 15 million times. Therefore, the assessment of feature Creator Profiles to show the work of the makers of the lenses better.

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