Snapchat behind the scenes, from a crazy idea to the application on the ground

تطبيق سناب شات

تطبيق سناب شات

Team strives to apply snapchat to get him out of the critical stage which entered by direct competition initiated by Facebook after copy feature tales of them, to him that the only water that pay users to run it. However, the list of team work to get rid of the name of the owner of the basic idea for the entire application; publication of the image of the measure disappear after a period of time.

“Reggie brown” Reggie Brown was the main reason for the exit of snapchat to the public, if he didn’t move all of the “Evan Spiegel” Evan Spiegel, and”Bobby Murphy” Bobby Murphy, to develop the app. Did not neglect the media that point never, everyone knows that the “brown” out of the company was forced to file a lawsuit got under on the amount of material and it’s all over. However, the initial stages to achieve the idea of “brown” crazy to the application on the ground did not have the coverage necessary always.

Not for “Spiegel” and to “morph” any sign of her application, not even the idea, “Brown” was diligent in his room on campus with a group of his friends when I see a picture with a friend of his without the To keep to these, i.e. they disappear once you share them, to laugh everyone time once the beauty of the idea, with the emphasis on the lack of it unfortunately. And then dismissed everybody, and remained “brown” alone with the idea that has raised the level of protection he has and push him to speak directly to the “Spiegel” who was interested in managing the business and companies by a large margin.

Explain the “brown” of his idea for “Spiegel”, the current CEO of the company, who confirmed that she thought worth a million USD, it is of great value should turn one concrete. “Spiegel” already dwell in the midst of the founding of some of the projects that have been a failure, but he was learning from every experience, which led him without fear or hesitation to achieve the idea of the app to an existing project.

Indeed, decided to “brown” and”Spiegel” reports the company by 50% each, including profit and loss and everything, the first things marketing, the second to manage, but they need the programmer to not possession, experts in this field. “Spiegel” explained the idea to a couple of friends refused to participate and work on turning them into reality. Went to “Murphy” who agreed after a lot of efforts, already began in the allocation of the bulk of my time to develop the app.

The “Spiegel” design of the facades and the gang use to “morph” uploaded to real. After the development of a website to share photos self-destruction, he suggested everyone to develop an application for smart phones the best and creates the idea. And after exiting the application, promote it, and dashed the hopes of the “Spiegel” which hangs in his mind to achieve the success of Instagram and Facebook, apps that spread like wildfire after its launch, but that didn’t happen.

Listen to “Spiegel” in its attempts to said The to communicate with more friends to spread the Picaboo, and the former name of the application snapchat. To come his chances of gold in one of the articles where the final draft is an application that needs his team to present their concept to a group of investors. After explaining the features of the app, and demonstrate it to investors, the result was disappointing, again, everyone didn’t see in the application the value that was in the imagination of his team. And here came the palate “Spiegel” which lie on the “brown” and”Murphy” and told them that the Committee liked the idea too.

Decided to everyone in and that year spend their time only in the development of the app and offer more features, with mastery experience use also, to become the app after one of the most important applications on the world away from the legal problems that occurred later.


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