Snapchat brings feature Cameos that support the integration of faces in the GIF image

Company has developed snappy new feature for app users know the advantage of Cameos, which serve to support the inclusion of the meal in animated GIFs or a short video clip.

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The feature works Cameos in the new application Snapchat to support the user in creating short videos and insert images of the user in these moving pictures or short video clips.

Company aims at Snapchat new feature development experience in sending pictures What video is expressive, where the user can shown in the photo in the animals of the stereoscopic moving image, or symbols, expressive of the giant mutant.

It is planned to invite Snapchat add private messages, or create expressions of faces, or the movement of winding the user to change the image of the user better.

Also scheduled to stop the water from the through the button the custom emoticons in the app, which will be presented to the user tab of the Cameos, and then the user can click on the button tile to take a picture of Silva and included in a moving image.

Recall that the feature Cameos will be available starting from the 18th day of November on the iOS platform, with the number of 150 Cameos allows the user expression in a new style in the app.


I know of

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