Snapchat introduces 100 employees in the Advertising industry

سناب شات Snap Inc

سناب شات Snap Inc

A new round of layoffs got in the company of snape, which included 100 staff working in the field of advertising.

According to Imran Khan, head of strategic changes in the company snape that it was demand from senior managers audit their teams and ensure proper use of resources to achieve the company’s goal, this word means to delete posts and demobilization of employees who do not need them so badly currently.

And snape had laid off 120 engineers in the beginning of the month in the focus to mitigate the number of employees in the sectors of Engineering content. Raised talk earlier about hiring snape excessively to promote the work of the company in the areas of advertising and launch new products so as to try to appropriate the big facebook and Google.

But after the release of the financial results of the official didn’t check snape growth of the disease in the revenue for three fiscal quarters of consecutive, prompting the company to change the way to sell advertising and speak to mail order bid to reach a larger number of advertisers which in turn led to lower advertising rates dramatically compared to traditional method.

Round new hairdos focused on the field of advertising due to the way the mechanism in the creation of campaigns and pricing, negotiation and more.

Recall that this is the third time you snap the demobilization of staff during the year. The company wants to achieve profits by the end of this year, therefore, firing workers and the provision of the interests of their part of achieving the goal.


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