Snapchat is preparing to launch the next generation of the system by the Spectacles


A new report reveals that the company snapchat is preparing to launch the next generation of the system by the Spectacles, according to the new file given by the company to Federal Communications Commission American FCC, in order to get their approval, to develop a video camera can be worn, which refers to the next generation of sunglasses, which includes web camera.

According to the published site engadget U.S., providing published documents about the “video camera wearable”, and the intention currently carrying the code name “Model 002”, and the area that supports the glasses technology contact Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity WI-FI according to 802.11 ac standard to transfer files faster, and mentioned some sources that the company is working on two versions of a new two of Spectacles: one with adjustments smaller on the current machine, and the other with GPS Dual camera, is scheduled to sell up to $ 300 dollars.

Recall that snapchat launched the first generation of her glasses, which came in the form of sunglasses includes a camera at the top, despite the great success achieved by the system at the beginning of the launch but it quickly faded to the company in the end, up to $ 40 million because of unsold inventory.

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