Snapchat launches first lens faces that interact with the sound

سناب شات تُطلق أولى عدسات الوجوه التي تتفاعل مع الصوت

The company revealed a snapchat earlier about the lens faces that used augmented reality technology to bring more life and interaction on the photo, but this interaction will change its shape too much with the new lenses.

The company has launched a first of the lenses that react to the sound and not the picture or video just, the lens of the first animal is used to cover the face but interact with the images while capturing the image, so that the ears and eyes talking based on the voice.

The company said that the lens of the new face is the first, but it will be an introduction to many of the other lenses that interact with images similar to those that interact with the movement, and many of the lenses with the new update during the week.

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