Snapchat launches new feature Cameo to put your face on the video with Deep Fake

Snapchat now choose a new feature based on artificial intelligence techniques which will allow you to put a picture of your face on videos or GIFs photographer in advance, and this feature you will get to “Cameo” as you can probably tell, this feature will take the technical approach to the fake deep Deep Fake that spread in the previous periods, which allows the installation of a person’s face on someone else’s body along with apps many don’t.

The new feature relies on a technique similar to the technique of neural networks used in industry videos fake deep standby but not up to the level of making it exaggerated or is forbidden! At the present time water is limited to a certain number of videos and features since it is in the testing phase.

Confirmed Snapchat officially to Tech Crunch that the feature is already available to a limited number and random users for tests and they did not specify a specific date to launch for all users.

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Source: Beebom

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