Snapchat launches new lenses learn on pictures and interact with

سناب شات تطلق عدسات جديدة تتعرف على الصوت وتتفاعل معه

The company launched the snapchat new lenses to apply, but this time related to the images, not just movements. This set comes within a series of lenses that would be applied by the company according to its declaration, which will identify the images and hyped.

The work of new lenses to appear and when you say the user for some words; like “hi, love, yes, no, wow” will also lenses some of the movements when they arise, such as opening the mouth or moving the eyebrow, or even move the image fully in some cases.

The company has launched a range of lenses that contain the sounds earlier, but it was just the lens of the voice purely and was unable to recognize the voice of the user to interact with it.

Recall that the company has launched 5 Lens for the words that we talked about, but it will be launching 5 other lenses next week, and will continue to complete the group with time.

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