Snapchat launches Storytellers to connect content makers with advertisers

سناب شات تطلق ميزة Storytellers لربط صناع المحتوى مع المُعلِنين

The company announced snapchat announced the launch of a feature Snapchat Storytellers which is considered as a candidate for the advertisers and the makers of the content of influencers to connect them with in order to promote products and services different and similar to what some of the influencers individually.

Many of influencers to advertise products and services on their accounts individually by agreement with the companies, but with this program from snapchat will get it to the shape of a wider to provide a lot of options for both parties.

Provides a snap this feature is currently a limited number of influencers on their application, but it will be available to a larger number of users during the coming period, which would provide a source of income for content as well as achieve a lot of profits for snapchat by gaining a percentage of the transaction.

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