Snapchat lets soon replace characters games code Bitmoji your

Use company Snap soon bring a new feature for users of Snapchat, allowing users to replace characters games code Bitmoji the user, to correspond to this feature in a lot of games.

Snapchat Bitmoji in games

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Allows company Snape soon insert the code Bitmoji your or thumbnail image in the Snapchat application in a lot of games, where the company launched last Thursday programming interface to integrate Bitmoji in games where supports actually software developers in the inclusion of the symbols featuring in the games as an alternative to the personalities of the main games.

It is planned to allow new water users to scan the Snapcode on the screen to open the code in their games that will support the new feature, which is scheduled to show the program featuring your user in-game when you scan the Snapcode, to allow users to login through different devices seamlessly.

On the other hand, was not disclosed which games will support software featuring the new Snapchat, but at present the application supports already all of the games and the Unity engine, and Unreal to the side of the games PlayCanvas.

Recall that the possible updates of the successive development of Snapchat designed by the company to attract the major sector users of the application of New, where are the games one of the nurses that help is already on the return of users to the new, along with some of the tools and data provided in each update.


I know of

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