Snapchat offers the feature of “memories of the end of the year”, you know how to view them and share them

Started app Snapchat this week at the launch of the feature memories of the end of the year the “Year End Story”, which allows you to view a quick tour of some of the highlights of the story of your tasks that you have shared during the year, in a long story you can share it or keep it for yourself.

In a report for Fast Company, the story “memories of the end of the world” aims to celebrate “the diversity of emotions, events, and content” that you added in your account and save it through the memories app. Which appear in the form of different sections, but it is a one story ready that you can customize as well as sections in which they appear.

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How do you see the memories of Snapchat 2018

To view the memories of 2018, head to the camera interface on the app, and from there click on the sound icon to the bottom of the Export button, you will see the group “My 2018 in Snaps” in the top of the screen. There, you can modify them, save them in department memories, publish them on the form of a story for all to see.

Uses Snapchat photos and videos that you’ve stored in the archive of “memories” application. This means that you must save the content of all in the Department of memories of the app to enable Snapchat from the creation story of the end of the year.

Snapchat says that if you don’t see the group “My 2018 in Snaps,” it might be because you didn’t provide enough of the memories.

During the next week will put up a feature “the end of the year” at the world level, so make sure to keep moving, if you’re still not able to find water even now on your account.

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